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Here's your chance to work with Tilted Travel!

Tilted Travel is a subsidiary of Schoolies (, Australia's #1 Spring Break company. Tilted Travel is fully committed to being the highest paying commission-based job for college students in America. Our commission structure is simple; we pay you $200 for every person you sign up to go on the Tilted Tour. All sales are tracked using your very own promo code and allocated to you on payment of the traveller's deposit. Even if final payment isn't made, you still get your $200, payable weekly!

Become a Team Leader by signing up your friends and earn an extra $50 for each person they sign up! That's right! Build a team of campus rock stars and for each traveller they sign-up, they will earn $200 and you will receive a $50 bonus! That's easy! You can sign up as few or as many people as you want to your Tilted Team.

Our campus reps are now sprawling through campuses across America. Follow these easy steps and rule your campus while making BANK!

How do I start earning money?

  1. Apply to be a Sales Rep or Team Leader by submitting your application today
  2. If your application is successful you will be issued a password to log in to the Sales portal. From here you can download your sales pack including pre-made banners, posters, brochures and sales tips. Use the marketing materials and resources readily available to you to sell the trip to Fraternities and Sororities.
  3. Include your unique website link and promo code when you share your posts on social media and around campus, and get your friends to book America’s newest Spring Break destination! Remember, we aren’t selling used vacuums- we are selling the best Spring Break in a beautiful, clean, safe and fun country with a drinking age of 18.
  4. Sign up 50 travellers, take your $10,000 and we’ll see you in Australia!!
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