What is Spring Break

What is Spring Break

Spring Break, the light at the end of the tunnel! That March Madness that happens off the basketball court. Mid-terms are a thing of the past as college students from around the United States and Canada ditch the books in exchange for perfect weather and bathing suits! This year, Tilted Travel is shedding light on a new Spring Break offering, one that leaves dangerous Mexico and necessary fake ID’s in Florida in the dust, one that is DOWN UNDER! That’s right, Australia is now the newest and hottest Spring Break destination for college students looking for an unforgettable Spring Break experience!

This Spring Break, leave the “shadiness” of Mexico behind and experience the wonder, and PARTY of Australia!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel the world with your friends (and live to tell about it). Tilted Travel is a subsidiary of Schoolies which has been Australia’s #1 Spring Break company for over 29 years! Australia is known for its amazing natural beauty, but its nightlife scene is also second to none! With a legal drinking age of +18 and with an abundance of hot spots, our travellers will find the perfect balance of safety and a good time!

Here’s a few reasons to do Spring Break Australia with Tilted Travel:

Experience Australia as a local!